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Prompt Writing

Welcome to our introductory course on prompt engineering!

Prompt engineering (PE) is the process of communicating effectively with an AI to achieve desired results. As AI technology continues to rapidly advance, the ability to master prompt engineering has become a particularly valuable skill. Prompt engineering techniques can be applied to a wide variety of tasks, making it a useful tool for anyone seeking to improve their efficiency in both everyday and innovative activities.

This course is tailored to beginners, making it the perfect starting point if you're new to AI and PE. However, even if you're not a beginner, you'll still find valuable insights within this course. This course is the most comprehensive prompt engineering course available, and the content ranges from an introduction to AI to advanced PE techniques.


Below is a brief overview of each chapter:

Basics: Introduction to prompt engineering and fundamental techniques

Basic Applications: Simple, practical applications of prompt engineering

Intermediate: Research-based PE techniques with moderate complexity

Applied Prompting: Comprehensive PE process walkthroughs contributed by community members

Advanced Applications: Powerful, and more complex applications of prompt engineering

Reliability: Enhancing the reliability of large language models (LLMs)

Images: Prompt engineering for text-to-image models, such as DALLE and Stable Diffusion

Prompt Injection: Hacking, but for prompt engineering

Tooling: A review of various prompt engineering tools and IDEs

Prompt Tuning: Refining prompts using gradient-based techniques

Miscellaneous: A collection of additional topics and techniques related to prompt engineering

Get complete Prompt Writing Course with latest update and examples.
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